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Indian Intelligence & RSS Operations

Indian Intelligence & RSS’s Infiltration In Sikh Institutions

A Time To Weed Them Out!

Sikh Nation has suffered much losses at the hands of enemy i.e. Indian government, Indian intelligence, RSS, Shiv Sena, Vishva Hindu Parishad and other radical Hindu organizations which have worked overtly and covertly to damage and defame the Sikhs and their image around the world. People whom Sikhs acknowledged as friend and allies have worked day and night to undermine the Sikh nation with hatred and ingratitude. Labeling of Sikhs as terrorists by Intelligence Bureau chief Maloy Krishna Dhar and journalist Arun Shourie and others are some of the examples of that despicable assault by these radical Hindus which have gone unchallenged uptil now. In other words the modern day swastika worshipping Nazis have gone scott free. Maloy Krishna Dhar in his book OPEN SECRET describes how he and his wife  were sent to Canada to infiltrate the Sikh Institutions and use few Sikhs as shield to carry out their covert (criminal and terrorist activities) against the Sikhs and muffle the voice of Sikh sovereignty and freedom forever. Reports reveal that Maloy Krishna Dhar along with other members of Indian Intelligence might have been instrumental in the blowing of Air India’s plane. The book SOFT TARGET describes the details about Indian Government’s involvement in that act of international terrorism.



Chief Intelligence Bureau

Bengali Hindu Terrorist

M.K.Dhar who is a Bengali Hindu and member of RSS and responssible for defaming Sikhs as terrorists, describes his operation in Toronto, Canada and other parts of canada during the period of bombing of Air India’s plane and the Sikh nation’s struggle to fight against Indian oppression, in his book OPEN SECRET as follows:

.Penetration of a few selected Gurudwaras

.Cultivation of few identified targets amongst the most vocal section of the Sikh Community.

.Penetration of the Punjabi print and electronic media and control of the print and electronic media operated by the non Sikh segments of the Asiatic and Indian origin.

. Creation of a few clandestine human assets in the ‘lump en’ segment of the Sikh workforce in Canada, who were more drawn to the separatist leaders and hate- preaching priests.

To reach out to the Indian community with saturated supplies of audio and videotapes on current affairs in India and specially filmed tapes on the atrocities committed by the Bhinderawale goons.

To convert the ‘Indian News’   to a quality publication with the help of a newly acquired fast printing/copying machine.

To meet the Canadian Foreign Office mandarins and the RCMP point men at regular intervals to brief them about the developments back in India and to share whatever ‘open’ information the Indian Mission could cull out from the community through open means.

To target mainstream Canadian print and electronic media and sell the Indian side of the story.

. To maintain ironclad cover and not to betray my involvement in intelligence generation.

.To befriend key diplomats in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Missions with view of reaching some targeted members of the Pakistan Mission.

To generate a few ‘friends’ amongst the Canadian Members of Parliament

This account of his operations, describes briefly the modus operandi of covert state terrorism, where the Indian government by deploying thier own criminal elements in Sikh Gurudwaras and using some emotional Sikhs as shields carried out the dirty task of misleading the world against innocent and trusting Sikhs.

A Direction for the Present & Future

No wonderful practice of Sikh ethos, principles, Langar, Kirtan and praying for the welfare of the whole world will deter or prevent the attacks on Sikhs and Sikh religion by radical Hindus and malicious  Indian intelligence. It is about time, the Sikhs as a nation learnt from the world history and their recent past, and made a firm resolution to start Sikh (Khalistani) intelligence and counterintelligence services to fight the enemy at bay rather than in Gurudwaras. Also Sikhs must reclaim the lost Sikh sovereignty and liberate their homeland of Punjab, Khalistan through peaceful, democratic and political means. Sikh youth and others must educate themselves about the tradecraft of intelligence and counterintelligence to beat the enemy at his own game and protect the Khalsa Panth. Please join in this noble cause for survival and existence as free and proud people.


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