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Flag of Khalistan



Flag of Khalistan Hoisted Along With UNPO & USA

Flags At Lincoln Memorial, National Khalistan Day Parade

In Washington, DC

Khalistan’s flag rerpresent Sikh Nation with saffron color

and Khanda as given by the Great Sikh Gurus.

Khalistan National Anthem -”Deh Siva Ber Mohe Eh”

represent Sikh Nation’s principles towards God and Humanity

as given by Tenth Nanak Guru Gobind Singh who created

Khalsa and the  Sovereign Sikh Nation on April 13,1699.

Banda Singh Bahadur along with Bhai Baz Singh hoisted

the flag of Sikh Nation over Sirhind in 1710 and started the

Sikh currency on which he gave the following inscription:

” Dego Tego Fateh, Nusrate Be Darang

Yafat Az Nanak Guru Gobind Singh”

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