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A New Reality In The Making To Fight The Enemy.

All Sikhs Must Support & Join This Historical Initiative For Self Preservation, Advancement & Survival. Sikh Nation In Turn Can Help Mankind As It Always Have Done By Being Righteous, Giving &Practicing Correct Principles As Taught By The Great Sikh Gurus.

Remember, No Nation Can Survive Without Intelligence & Counterintelligence!

Please report all web sites, books, papers, movies, documentaries, jokes and others defaming the Sikhs and the Sikh Nation for fact finding and deliberations by Anti-defamation Sikh Council for Freedom of Khalistan. Sikh Nation has experienced and suffered world wide abuse and defamation resulting from the false and malicious propaganda by the Hindu and Indian media for over two and half decades.

Indian government’s lobby with US Dept. of State resulted in labeling Sikh Nation as terrorists and distribution of videos in the US schools and other institutions. Maloy Krishna Dhar the ex Chief of Intelligence Bureau  & author of Open Secret and M.K. Narayanan present national security advisor of India, were some of the intelligence agents responssible for defaming  and getting Sikhs labelled as terrorists around the world. Indian Intelligence has infiltrared practically every Sikh Gurudwara and organization and have been instrumental in creating dissension, fights and legal perils amongst Sikhs. RSS agents disguised as Sikhs have also infiltrated Sikh places of worship. Sikh Nation though ecumenical and ally of rest of the world at this juncture is committed to check these adversarial forces through its own intelligence and counterintelligence measures. It is time to weed out the enemy who has caused much damage, pain and suffering.It is also committed to advancing Sikh religion’s basic ethos and philosophy of belief in one God, equality of all mankind, praying for the welfare of all mankind, condemning caste system and propagating the message of universal brotherhood, hard work, sharing one’s food and earnings, protecting the poor and oppressed and never yielding to tyranny and terrorism.

Sikh Nation is committed to building and strengthening Punjab, Khalistan, fight against the drug wars and illegal transfer of population against the Sikh nation by Indian Government and RSS. Finally the Sikh Nation is committed to reclamation of its lost sovereignty and liberation of Punjab, Khalistan from forceful occupation by Indian forces through peaceful, democratic and political means. We appeal to all the nations of the world to help us achieve our God given right of freeedom.


Long Live Khalistan

Khalistan Zindabad

Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat

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