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Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann
Akali Dal (Mann)
now visiting the United States of America and

Dear Sardar Sahib ji,

Waheguru ji da Khalsa,
Waheguru ji di Fateh!

Let me welcome you, as a member of our beloved Khalsa Panth (Brotherhood), for your much awaited visit to the United States and Canada, two of the most respected and powerful democracies of the world. It will be, as I am sure because Icherish the democratic institutions of North America and the institutions of Charter of Rights and expressions of free speech and exercise of democratic rights without prejudice and intimidation. I am including the above, for your information, as these very principles of democracy are not only violated but are also slaughtered in the country you have come from and travelled to North America on its travel document (Indian passport).

You are a Member of Parliament of that country. The country of which the Sikhs¹ elected representatives have not given endorsement or acceptance todate to its Constitution of 26th January, 1950, at the recommendation of the uncrowned King of Sikhs, Baba Kharak Singh. Baba Kharak Singh was one of the leaders of the Sikhs who continued the Sikhs¹ Struggle to Regain Their Lost Sovereignty and Independence of the Sikh Raj of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (see The Times, 29th December, 1929 of the United Kingdom). Maharaja Ranjit Singh gave the Sikhs a nationhood, sovereignty and independence. Baba Kharak Singh had the honour of one of the past presidents of the Sikhs¹ mini-parliament, Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee, now in the tight control of  Prakash  Singh Badal, his sycophants and cronies, along with the blessings of his masters of the New Delhi administration (NDA) of A. B. Vajpayee and his unethical, criminal, morally and mentally bankrupt politicians and administrative personnel. The personnel of civil administrative, foreign, intelligence, armed and para-military personnel.

No where in the world, the democracies have committed murders, genocides, pogroms, atrocities, persecutions, humiliations, rapes, loots, intimidation, denial of justice, injustices, desecration of sacred places, gurdwaras, mosques and churches (Houses of God) and burning of miles and miles of agricultural fields. These programmes and heinous crimes have been carried out in a (the so-called) country, known to the world as the largest democracy of the world, India. I would call this country as the Terrorist India or Brahmins¹ Zamhooriat. It is Brahmins¹ Zamhooriat (democracy), because the Brahmins¹ population in India is only 3% of the total population (more than a billion), and more than 67% of the total administrative posts have been (deliberately) awarded or captured by this class, the class of Bigots. Isn¹t the democracy or Zamhooriat of the Bigots or the so-called high class Brahmins.

I called India as the Terrorist because:
(i) it has killed more than 10 million Sikhs and Musalmaan before the British Raj handed over political power to the
predominantly Hindu leadership,
(ii) it has (the NDA) killed more than 1.2 million Sikhs since 15th August, 1947,
(iii) it divided, for their ulterior motives, Punjab of 15th August, 1947, in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. For what? To kill the Sikhs economically, socially, religiously, politically and as a Sikh nation,
(iv) the NDA retained the control of Punjab or Khalistan, the Sikh nation¹s waters. A much needed commodity for the survival of Sikhs,
(v) the NDA murdered more than 260,000 Sikhs since the brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June 1984, using army, navy and air force in an undeclared war, which is being continued in the Sikh nation todate. Other military or paramilitary operation that followed “Operation Bluestar” of June 1984 have been “Operation Mund, Black Thunder I, II, and III, Woodrose, Research, Clean, Man-made Floods, genocide of the Sikhs in Chhatissinghpura in Jammu & Kashmir State in March, 2000,” to name a few,
(vi) the NDA has killed more than 200,00 Musalmaans in general,
(vii) the NDA has eliminated more than 200,000 Christians, raped Catholic nurses to humiliate them, burn alive the Christian missionaries and their children,
(viii) the NDA has killed more than 65,000 Kashmiri Musalmaans or freedom fighters struggling for their right of plebiscite under the auspices of the United Nations; however, the terrorist India has betrayed them, (ix) Punjab¹s so-called politicians come to foreign countries to collect moneys in the name of Œfund raising¹, for their self-motivated political purposes,
(x) these politicians completely ignore or overlook the interests of the Sikh nation at large, forget the struggle and directions of the uncrowned king of the Sikhs, Baba Kharak Singh,
(xi) some of these politicians are the worst enemies of the Sikh nation, Khalistan (for details please see Charhdi Kala editorial of 12th July, 1999), and are sitting as members of the Upper House of the Brahmins¹ parliament,
(xii) the SGPC¹s coffer has been used to buy votes from the innocent peasants,
(xiii) any person who drains the Khalsa Panth (the Sikhs in Punjab and outside Punjab) for his/her ulterior motives or
selfishness will be judged as anti-Khalsa Panth, anti-Sikh and anti-Khalistan person in the Sikhs¹ Struggle to Regain Their Lost Sovereignty and Independence.
(xiv) Because of virtually non-existent development projects, Punjab’s Sikh and non-Sikh youngmen alike have been seeking political asylum (both natural political victims and economic opportunists) outside Punjab
(xv) Why do the politicians, especially the Sikhs from Punjab, are dependent on the fund raising processes in foreign
countries? Does not it indicate that the Punjab, Khalistan’s electorates have lost their trust in the Terrorist India’s democracy or Zamhooriat?
(xvi) Your present visit to North America (the United States and Canada), as I perceive it, may make or break your political ambitions. It depends how and what honesty and sincerity you deal with the Sikhs outside Punjab. Please do not take offensively my point in question, but this will be reality when we ask the same question to ourselves when we bow before the Granth Sahib.

It has come to my knowledge (Charhdi Kala, 12th April, 2000, p. 29) that you will be coming to the capital city of the United States, Washington, DC, and your iterinary has no plan to meet with Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh, President of the Council of Khalistan. Dr Aulakh is the person who has done a lot for the freedom struggle. Why there is no meeting scheduled with Dr Aulakh, Sardar Mann? You have come here, in North America, to discuss the Panthic matters and not to create a wedge among the Panthic people. It is still time to initiate some steps to have dialogue with the Sikhs¹ representative in Washington, DC, Sardar Mann. The names of Washington, DC¹s people, as your contact person(s), cast a big question mark on Sardar Mann being impartial. Gurmat does not teach us impartiality. I would ask you to rectify any overlooking in your iterinary, if you consider that you have the Sikhs¹ interests at your heart.

I sincerely hope that you will not give any chance to succeed Girish Saxena (now Governor of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and a former Chief of Research and Analysis Wing) and his brother in Washington, DC, as Ambassador of the Terrorist India, in their anti-Sikh, anti-Panthic and anti-non-Hindu minorities persecutions, atrocities and exterminations.Sardar Mann, you are a Guru-da-Sikh and stand for the Sikhs¹ Struggle to Regain Their Lost Sovereignty. Save the farmers of Khalistan, the Sikh nation, from their strangulations. Below is some information on “The Historical Facts of Indian Democracy and the Sikhs”, for your information and consideration.

Best wishes,

Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki),

Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)*

“It (Hinduism) is like the boa constrictor of the Indian forests. When a petty enemy appears to worry it, it winds
round its opponent, crushes it in its folds, and finally causes it to disappear in its capacious interior….Hinduism
has embraced Sikhism in its folds; the still comparatively young religion is making a vigorous struggle for life, but
its ultimate destruction is, it is apprehended, inevitable without State support.”
-Max Arthur Macauliff (1903)
Hinduism has always been hostile to Sikhism whose Gurus powerfully and successfully attacked the principle of
caste which is the foundation on which the whole fabric of Brahminism has been reared. The activities of Hindus
have, therefore, been constantly directed to undermining of Sikhism both by preventing the children of Sikh father
from taking Pahul and reducing professed Sikhs from their allegience to their faith. Hinduism has strangled
Budhism, once a formidable rival to it and it has already made serious inroads into the domain of Sikhism.
-D. Petrie, Assistant Director, Criminal Intelligence, Government of British India (Intelligence Report of 11th August,

“…in future, the Congress shall accept no constitution which does not meet with the satisfaction of the Sikhs”
-The Lahore session of the Congress Party. December 31, 1929

“…the brave Sikhs of Punjab are entitled to special considerations. I see nothing wrong in an area set up in the
North of India wherein, the Sikhs can also experience the glow of freedom.”
-Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lahore Bulletin, January 9, 1930

“I ask you to accept my word and the Resolution of the Congress that it will not betray a single individual much
less a community. Let God be the witness of the bond that binds me and the Congress with you (the Sikhs). When
pressed further Gandhi said that Sikhs would be justified in drawing their swords out of the scabbards as Guru
Gobind Singh had asked them to, if Congress would renege on its commitment.” -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
(Young India, March 19, 1931)
ŒŒIn 1940, Dr Vir Singh Bhatti demanded the formation of Khalistan.” -Dr Vir Singh Bhatti

“In 1942, Master Tara Singh demanded the Azad (Sovereign and Independent) Punjab.”

“You have seen the Hindus as co-slaves and you will know when they will be your masters and you (the Sikhs),
their slaves”
-Janab Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Quid-e-Azam, The Father of Pakistan

“The Sikhs as a community are a lawless people and a menace to the law-abiding Hindu community. The deputy
commissioners should take special measures against them.”
-An official circular of the Government of India, October 10, 1947

“…Master Tara Singh saw me on his return from Delhi, and seemed really concerned at the approaching
departure of the British. He demanded Khalistan, with transfer of population, or a new state from Jumna to
Chenab, in which the Sikhs would not be oppressed”
-Sir E. Jenkins (Governor of the Punjab), 15th April, 1946

“Mulak Hindu ka, Raj Tikri ka (trio, Jawaharlal Nehru, V. B. Patel and Chandu Lal Trivedi), Guru (the Lord)
Rakha Bhai Sikhre ka”
-Sirdar Kapoor Singh, Indian Civil Service, National Professor of Sikhism
“Kya main taqat dushman (the enemy -the Sikhs) ke haath main de dun (How can I entrust power into the hands
of the enemies).” -Jawahar Lal Nehru (1961)

“Mrs Gandhi has admitted that she was opposed to demands for Punjabi home province, for fear of losing Hindu
votes. She was prepared to block the creation of a Punjabi-speaking province, in 1966 or ever”
-Indira Gandhi (My India)
“Kill the language, kill the culture and kill the literature, ultimately one succeeds in destroying a community”
-Pritam Singh Gill, M. A., 1975, Principal, Doaba College, Jalandhar

“Sikhs are the finest soldiers in the world because they have the best combination of mental and physical
endurance” -General Atiqu-ur-Rehman, Pakistan Army

“Indira Gandhi rewarded the Pandey brothers with Congress (I) tickets for U. P. legislative assembly elections,
when they highjacked an Indian Airlines¹ plane to secure her (Gandhi) release from jail in 1970s.”
-S. Jalandhari, 1983

“Physical death I do not fear, death of conscience is a sure death”
-Saint-soldier Jarnail Singh Khalsa (Bhindranwale)
“I don¹t give a damn if the Golden Tenple and whole of Amritsar are destroyed, I want Bhindranwale dead”
-Indira Gandhi communicating with Gen.Vaidya during “Operation Blue Star”
“We have broken the back of the Sikhs and we will get them elsewhere.”
-M. M. K. Wali, Indian Foreign Secretay, June 7, 1984 (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio 740, As It
“Let us teach these bastards (the Sikhs) a lesson.”
-Rajiv Gandhi, October 31, 1984

“The Sikh nation declared independence on 29th April, 1986″
-Sarbat Khalsa held at the Darbar Sahib Complex

“the Sikh nation declared independence on October 7, 1987 forming the sovereign country of Khalistan.”
-The Council of Khalistan, Washington, D. C.
“Freedom of Khalistan was the only proper solution of the Sikh nation¹s future.”
-Brig. Gen. Ben Blaz, Member of the United States Congress, October 7, 1989

“Nowhere in the world has any government pursued the kind of genocidal policies against a religious minority as
in India since the Second World War.”
-Lt. Col. Pratap Singh, President, Khalsa Raj Party (1991)

“… a threat to the villagers that all males would be killed and their women taken to army camps to breed a new
race if there was any militant activity in their village.”
-Brig. R. P. Sinha, Indian Army, March 8, 1991

“You do not know the might of our armed forces. We will eliminate 10,000 Sikh youths and the world will know
nothing about it.”
-Chander Shekhar, former Prime Minister of India (CK, 21st October, 1991)

“…that the Sikhs are Sikhs just like East is East and West is West and twin shall never meet. We have no choice
but to seek our independence in a sovereign state, the Republic of Khalistan.”
-Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann, President, Shromani Akali Dal, in his letter of 12th July, 1991 to the Governor of Punjab,
O. P. Malhotra

“to preserve the unity of India, if we have to eridicate 2-kror (20-million) Sikhs, we will do so”
-Balram Jakhar, a former Indian Cabinet Minister and colleague of the former Indian Prime Minister, P. V.

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