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Sikh Extremism or Defamation of Sikhs by BBC?

Somebody once asked Mr. Cray, a whiz and inventor of the fastest computers in the world as to what he did he do for the pass time. His answered ”I dig tunnels “. Yes, for an inventor and innovator that pass time made sense, where he could relax, meditate and advance the cause of science and eventually the cause of humanity.
But when same question is posed to Indian Intelligence and Indian government, their answer manifests “we try to dig dirt and throw it on the target with the help of our newly formed allies and counter parts in the fight against global terrorism and for the enhancement of our revenue in the IT industries” Then the question follows: Who are those allies? And the answer follows “ The western countries and the western media” And the question follows: At whose expense? And the answer” The soft target, the scapegoat, the poor and needy, and the terrorists”.
This is the attitude and mission of these emerging economies to advance their case through the despicable and self righteous actions. What is the recourse against such prejudice, bias and mental terrorism from the aggrieved party, like the Sikh Nation?
Deterring the tyrant and the opportunist with firm resolve and determination.
Did Jews take it lying down after they were sent to concentration camps by Nazis, where Jewish freedom fighters were labeled as terrorists and Zionism subsequently was labeled as racism by many nations of the world? The answer was NO.
Would Sikhs take it lying down asking for justice against the Sikh Holocaust of 1984 and in turn labeled as extremists or terrorists when trying to reclaim their lost sovereignty through peaceful, democratic and political means? The answer is NO.
Simply because the oppressed does not have political power or power of the media that they will continue to be persecuted and defamed. It is definitely not conducive to the psyche of the Sikhs. This aggression against the Sikhs must stop. That is only befitting to the Sikh ethos and the Sikh history.
British Broadcasting Corporation also known as BBC must go back in history and refresh its knowledge about the Sikh Nation. Once a sovereign nation, treacherously annexed by English empire through dissension, subversion and deceit. After the the Sikh state was dismantled, its property confiscated, its jewel Kohinoor stolen, their king , a minor (Maharaja Duleep Singh) forcefully converted to Christianity by Queen Victoria, is yet a grim reminder of the fact that we live in a self righteous and ruthless world, where covert terrorism, malice and mental manipulation and hunger for power can outsmart and dwarf any world trade center or suicide bombing. And then the validation and justifications of those acts through scientific papers and profiling of victims as extremists or terrorists, are yet the worst insults, which can be inflicted on the aggrieved.

The Sikh nation; a sovereign nation, the heroes of Flanders Fields, the heroes of Battle of El Alamein, the liberators of victims of Nazi Germany, the crusaders against the slave trading in Africa, and the friends of oppressed people like Jews, who were persecuted like Sikhs and who fought their own war of independence. The Sikh Nation was one of the first one to recognizethe state of Israel as an independent state while India did not even recognize it until 1992 and that to under pressure. The Sikh Nation have always supported the freedom, a God given right of any or every nation be it is Israel, Palestine, Kosovo or East Timor.
Sikhs are an ecumenical people, an ecumenical religion, a self determined and righteous people, today ask a reputable media like BBC to come forward and help the Sikh nation reclaim its lost sovereignty, which they lost to the British. We further appeal to BBC to propagate the righteous message for the Sikh nation and not the false propaganda of labeling them as extremist or terrorist in order to muffle their voice of freedom in order to please the tyrant. I appeal to all the western world including the western media to help correct the wrong done to the Sikh nation one hundred fifty nine years ago (1849), when the Sikhs lost their sovereignty.
I want to remind BBC that It is fair and correct reporting, which makes media credible otherwise it will be reduced to the level of a mere tabloid newspaper and is likely to face a severe backlash from a determined nation like the Sikhs.
Can you imagine the Sikhs annexing England forcefully and in turn labeling British nationals as extremists and terrorists? Their ethos and conscience perhaps then will face crucifixion and rightfully so. BBC instead of using false propaganda, please reciprocate as old allies to help Sikhs regain their lost sovereignty and liberate the Sikh homeland of Punjab, Khalistan .

Khalistan Zindabad
Dr.Paramjit Singh Ajrawat
Antidefamation Sikh Council for Freedom of Khalistan
Tel# 240-375-1205

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